Word Swag A Blogging Tool for Award Winning Graphics

Word Swag A Blogging Tool for Graphics - The easiest phone graphic tool for creating quick graphics for blog posts and social media

Word Swag is my new favorite graphic design program.  It is an amazing visual tool for the graphically challenged bloggers like me.

Blogging really is a community effort.  I was recently approached by a twitter friend, he started by apologizing for offering unsolicited advice, but let me gently know that some of my graphics needed work.

I’m sure he felt very awkward offering this advice, but I really, really appreciated the feedback.

Ironically enough, I had recently purchased Adobe Lightroom to help the photo part of the process.  Check out this post on why I use Adobe Lightroom for my blogging. 

Anyway, he recommended a phone app called Word Swag.

Word Swag takes all of the guess-work out of the textual graphic part of your blog visual.

You choose a background/photo, type in a quote and the app does the rest of the work for you.  It literally is that simple.  I can do a nice professional looking graphic in less than a minute.

There are 48 textual type graphics to choose from.  Within those 48 styles, are multiple options for laying out the styles.  For example, I chose the “Badger & Co” style and then with a press of a button, the textual styles are rearranged.  Here are just four simple examples.  I created these plus 3 other images I didn’t use in less than 10 minutes.

It is very easy to change the font size, color, and background.

One side note, all of these images were created using the free backgrounds provided by Word Swag.  They are also linked to Pixabay which means you have thousands of additional images to choose from.

I’ve got decent photography skills, but my visual arts skills need a lot of work and this app literally makes my job as a blogger, 10 times easier.

Don’t expect to be able to make a lot of editing changes.  Word Swag is designed to be a simple graphic tool for use on your phone.

Canva, is still my go-to program for more specialized designs.  However, when I need a quick graphic, particularly a graphic I can do on my phone while holding my baby I have a new winner.

Here are a couple of the sample graphics I’ve created using Word Swag:

Again, keep in mind, I have literally no graphic skills.

Word Swag is $4.99 through the Apple Store.  I doubt I would have spent the money for personal use, but for anyway needing to create quick simple visuals it is a great resource.

PS.  I recently started an Instagram account specifically for my personal finance blog. I’ve had it for less than one week and using graphic created in Word Swag, already have 19 organic followers (No advertising at all). Good graphics are the key to success with social media, particularly with Instagram. If you are interested in Personal Finance you can follow me on Instagram @dailysuccessfulliving.





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