What I’ve Learned About Affiliate Marketing

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing a lot of research on affiliated marketing. For the newbies in the industries affiliated marketing is promoting other peoples products in return for a portion of their products.

I’ve read through tons of articles and watched gobs of videos and have realized that for every 100’s of marketer out their promising quick riches there are a few legit people. It is finding the legit people that is hard.

So in no particular order here is what I’ve learned:

  1. There is no free lunch – always good to know that the number one rule of economics still applies. If a website or promotional pages promises you wealth untold – start running.
  2. Do multiple searching on products recommendation before purchasing them. Just because some yahoo on the internet says it will make you money, doesn’t mean you actually will. I good example of this is BlueHost which provides internet hosting services.
    1. Bluehost seems to be an affiliate marketers favorite product. With 30% commissions, they can be a very lucrative company for an affiliate. I’ve never used them, so I’m basing my opinions purely on varies blogs, but is sounds like they are promoted largely because of their affiliate payments then because of actual quality service.  In the nature of full disclosure I’m currently hosting sites on Godaddy and Host Gator.  I’m still in the early stages of my web presence, but they both work well for me.  And yes, I’ve signed up for affiliate programs with Host Gator and am waiting for approval from Godaddy.  I’ll have to write a future post comparing the two.
  3. All affiliate marketers have an angle (see above). I’m sure many of them are trying to be honest, but in the end they are after your money. The more you click on their links, buy their products and generate traffic, the more money they make.
    1. After reading a few blogs about the same product offering it is pretty easy to pick out who has actually uses the product and has done their research. Prior to purchasing a product I always search for reviews, read multiple blogs and always, always, always read through the comments. You can really get a feel for a product based on the comments in article.
  4. Each affiliate program has its strength’s and weaknesses. Take the time to find your niche rather then signing up for every program under the sun. Focus on one or two areas and then grow your business from there. You don’t have time to promote everyone’s amazing product on the. Choose the product that matches your interests and stay laser focused.
  5. Sell products you know and love. You are just wasting your time and energy selling products because of their potential ROI. It will become very obvious to your readers that you are not personally invested in the product and you will quickly loose credibility.

I’m sure I’ll continue to add this this list as I continue to research and find my own niche for making money online. I can pretty much guarantee affiliate marking will be the subject of many future articles.