Why The Twitters Photo Count Update Matters to Bloggers

Why The Twitter Photo Count update matters to Bloggers and what you need to do with your auto twitter feed

Twitter is not longer counting photos in tweet character counts!  It is about time that they made this awesome change.

As you guys know, tweets with photo’s always do significantly better.  I try and add photos to my tweets whenever possible, which means that between the photo and a link I’m constantly running short on character tweeting space.

I’m really excited about this change and feel that it is a change that will improve the twitter user experience.

What this means to bloggers using twitter:

With this change, it is important for bloggers to review all evergreen tweets on your auto systems.  Retweaking your titles, content and hashtags can mean additional traffic if done right.

The vast majority of my tweets could use a few additional hashtags or extra verbiage to attract visitors to my website.  I doubt I’m the only twitter user who has this problem.

In the past, I have often sacrificed text space to include photos. 

I use social tweet,but know there are hundreds of programs in use.  I know it is a lot of work.  It will probably take me 3-5 days to comb through my existing feed to refresh my content.

Since you are reviewing your auto-tweets anyway, take advantage of this time to review your current auto content.  This is a great time to either refresh a few articles or change up the titles.

I’m sure some of your regular followers are tired of seeing the same stuff intermixed with a few new things.

As with all social platforms, Twitter is constantly changing to keep up with current trends and increase their relevancy.

It is impossible to keep up with all of the updates on the various social media platforms.  However, this is a change that will have a huge impact on future tweets and if managed properly will positively impact existing content.