Why I’m Switching to Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Why I'm Switching to Amazon Native Shopping Ads for my Blog - Amazon Native Shopping ads are a simple and effective way of adding potential revenue to your blog

I just discovered Amazon Native Shopping Ads. Can I just say they are the best things since sliced bread. They are easy to implement on your website and so far really seem to generate relevant products to the various pages I’ve posted them too.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads are designed to seamlessly integrate highly relevant recommendations into responsive ads for your blog posts.
They are dynamic ads that will shift based on the content within your page, but also based on the current targeting ads directed at your readers. It is a very powerful combination.

Why I'm switching to Amazon Native Shopping Ads

They are also responsive, so they will adjust to the users platform. I love the fact that the ads work for mobile, laptops and tablets interchangeably.

The ads are designed to be utilized in three ways:

1. Recommendation Ads

The recommendation ads will display relevant content based on the content of the page they are posted too. This works in conjunction with the typical targeted ads that are based on a user’s existing search history.

These products are chosen by Amazon, so you need to review them periodically to make sure the products match the tone of your website.

There is a fallback feature that allows you to set your own product perimeters if there are no specific products listed on the page. For example, my personal blog has a lot of articles on personal finance. For many of those pages, I’ve set the default to books related to personal finance.

It makes it very easy for the Amazon system to incorporate relevant search items

I’m not sure what Amazon will choose to display for this post, since I haven’t mentioned a specific item, but do have specific ads below. I’m sure everyone will be seeing different things. For the record, I chose a fallback feature of Books on Social Media. Please feel free to comment below and let me know what ads are displayed for your viewing pleasure.

2. Search Ads

This ad system allows you to set up a search function right on your page for a specific product category. Again it is a dynamic ad that will adjust to various screen types.

I rarely highlight specific products on my blog, so at this point, I haven’t used this ad type. However, if I were doing a product review this would be an excellent search tool for my readers.

I’ve been looking at Fitbits recently, so I thought it would be fun to create a search function with Fitbits. As you can see it is very user-friendly.

3. Custom Ads

Once I started playing with the custom ads I realized really quickly how useful they could be. Amazon gives you the option of choosing four products that are then dropped into the ad unit.

I love the flexibility of being able to choose my own products. This means I can compare different packages of the same product or highlight slightly different versions of an existing product.

However, I can see issues on specialty products. For example, I wrote a review a few years ago on the waterproof Olympus TG3, since then it has been replaced by the Olympus TG4. People still visit this page since it highlights waterproof cameras in general. I had to go in and change all of my internal links to the newer model. If I had been using custom ads I’d need to do the same. With the recommendation ads, Amazon will automatically adjust based on existing products.

This one feature makes the recommendation ads very appealing. There is nothing worse than sorting through your websites to updates links.

This is a custom ad I created for the Nikon 7100.  I love that I can quickly give my readers a variety of product options based on their individual needs.


The Amazon Native Shopping ads aren’t for everyone. They have the look and feel of ads which I don’t love. However, I run my sites to make money and am gradually getting over my aversion to selling products (I have to pay the bills).

I won’t be placing them on every page, but am planning to slowly begin sorting through my sites for posts that would benefit from this potentially new ad stream.