How I Used Personal Engagement to Increase my Twitter Following

Increasing Your Twitter Engagement

Last week I decided to start a major Twitter push as part of my social media experimentation. You can read my article here, but in short, my goal was to increase my Twitter following from 668 to 1000 followers within 10 weeks. I know they aren’t huge numbers, but I don’t have a ton of time to devote to this and wanted to keep my number realistic.

My plan was to do the following each day:

  • Retweet at least 4 relevant articles per day
  • Follow 2-3 new people per day
  • Add at least two interesting and informative articles to Jukebox each day with relevant pictures and hashtags.
  • Clean up current Jukebox and add pictures and hashtags to existing content. Continue to add personal content.
  • Review new followers and follow back if they are posting interesting content.

As a novice Twitter user, I was unsure how well my experiment would work and really wasn’t sure what to expect.

I’m happy to report that my experiment has rocked my Twitter world.

As of Wednesday evening, I now have 752 followers and am following 732 people. This is an increase of 84 followers. My goal was 33 new followers a week and since I’ve doubled my number I like to think I’m doing something right.

I was easily able to accomplish all of my daily goals in a timely manner.

My biggest time drain was reading through articles prior to Retweeting or posting them. I have a personal commitment to only Tweeting content I believe is worth sharing, so I read through everything I Tweet.   It is time-consuming, but I want a reputation for quality content, not just a bunch of random articles.

Fortunately, I love reading articles on social media and business so a bit of extra reading isn’t really a hardship for me. I kind of like having an excuse to read for pleasure.

I feel like I’m finally starting to get a handle on how Twitter actually works. I’ve started to interact with more people and really enjoy sharing other people’s content. People invariably reach out to thank me, which makes my day.

I also tried a new experiment. I recently read Tim Fargo’s book Alphabet Success: Keeping it Simple – My Secrets to Success, which I really enjoyed, so I did a quick shout out with a link to Amazon.   Tim Retweeted my post, followed me, retweeted some of my content and thanked me for the share. A few of his followers Retweeted and then started following me too.

I shared the book because it was interesting, not to get extra followers or Retweets. It was a valuable lesson to me that reinforced my belief that sharing the love is always the way to go.

  • Am I a Twitter influencer now – No
  • Where any of my actions major – No
  • Do I suddenly have 20,000 followers – No

What matters is that I’ve learned a ton from my first week of Twitter Engagement. I’ve also seen a slight increase in my blog traffic from Twitter. Hopefully, this is an upward trend that will continue!

Since I’ve been so successful I’ve decided to increase my goal to 100 new followers per week which means I should be at 1652 followers by August 20th.

Wish me luck and let me know if you have any other helpful hints to increase my Twitter engagement.

My Twitter handle is @digmediaedu – I post on social media, business, and personal finance.  Come follow me!