One Simple Mistake To Avoid When Using Auto Tweeting Programs

One Simple Mistake to Avoid when Using Auto Tweeting Programs - Tweeting to promote your blog is a lot of work and we are often tempted to completely automatic the process. Avoid this one simple mistake in automation.

Twitter has become one of my favorite ways to promote this blog.  I enjoy the interactions and friends I’ve made and feel like I’m slowly getting the hang of how it works.

As I was scrolling through my twitter feed this morning I noticed something unusual. Can you see what I’m talking about below?

Twitter FailTwitter Fail

I have nine people in a row who were sharing the exact same article at virtually the same time. There were an additional 4-5 that shared the same article shortly after I took these screenshots. This is on my @amysdailyliving feed which is where I blog about personal finance.

Major #twitterfail in my opinion.

All of the tweeters you see listed are legitimate tweeters. They are tweeters whose names I recognize and who regularly share quality content. Most of them are bloggers whose content I love to read and share.

They aren’t just bots out plugging whatever comes their way.

Out of curiosity, I went to the original article. It was a great article that was worth sharing.

I chose not to for obvious reason.   I’m still a novice at Twitter but decided that I didn’t need to be sharing the exact same thing that everyone else in my feed was sharing at the exact same time.

Based on the timing, it was obvious that a bunch of them had an automatic system that posted new content from the site as soon as it was posted. The article in question had been posted within 5 minutes of all of these tweets.

Is there anything wrong with using auto social media programs?

Yes and no, it is a reputable site and they obviously feel that the quality of the posts on this site are good enough to post unread.

I know that for a lot of tweeters this is just how it works. Their goal is to share content, gain followers and hopefully drive traffic to your own site.

However, all of them lost credibility in my eyes since I knew they were sharing content they hadn’t taken the time to read.

I’m fairly new to twitter so maybe I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill, but I firmly believe that successful marketers are authentic in what they share. It is hard to be authentic when you aren’t reading the content you post.

I’m all about using automation for certain aspects of twitter. Automation is necessary to handle the high volume of information found on twitter.  I personally use Social Jukebox to share a lot of my content.

However, when setting up your automatic content make sure you aren’t sharing the exact same thing at the exact same time as your contemporaries are.