Why Your Blog Needs A Free Usability Review From Peek User Testing

Why You Need a Free Usability Review From Peek User Testing - Free Service that has real people review your website and provide feedbackI spent a lot of time looking at my websites. After a while, everything blends together and I don’t readily see the imperfections.

This can be a huge issue, particularly when it comes to the flow. I often assume that my readers understand my menus and the usability of my site. I recently learned the hard way that my logical site design wasn’t as logical to everyone else.

Peek User Testing provides an in-depth usability review of how your site works for the big boys, for what I’m assuming is a large price tag.

To spark interest in their product, Peek offers a free service that does a short 5-minute usability review of your site.

The reviewers are asked to answer three questions regarding your site. They start a timer and then visit your site to review the flow, look and feel of your site.

You literally hear and see them go through your site to answer the questions.

You can order up to three reviews, per month, of either your regular or mobile site. I choose to review my Daily Successful Living blog on both platforms and was surprised at what some of the reviewers had to say.

The Peek Usability reviews pointed out issues I had never considered.

I’ve already done a bunch to revamp my site, but if you are interested here are links to the reviews:

If you are a blogger, I highly recommend taking advantage of this free service. It is very beneficial to have a fresh set of eyes review your site.

Hearing the reviewer response to my home page made me rethink my menu, color options, tagline and ad placement. I’m still making adjustments, but overall feel that the feedback I received was invaluable.

I’m planning to order additional reviews each month. I can guarantee I will be tweaking my site for the next ten years based on the usability reviews.