How To Set Up Your First WordPress Website

How To Set Up Your First WordPress Website

Even a non-techy person can set up a WordPress website. This site is proof of that. Below are very simple directions for how I set up this site.

Purchasing a domain:

I typically purchase mine through Godaddy, but there are plenty of other vendors.   You will typically spend $5-15 per domain. I purchase my domains in one year increments and then renew them for longer periods if I develop the site.

Most actual techy people recommend having your domain on a separate system from your hosting. My understanding is that this keeps you from being held hostage by any one retailer.

Finding a hosting company:

I’ve been using HostGator and have been happy with their service and ease of use. I’ve also used Godaddy in the past, but seem to have consistent email issues and have switched as a result. With HostGator I’m currently paying 7.96/month and can host unlimited websites on their platform.

I’ve found their back-end set up to be very easy and literally fool proof. On the rare times I needed support they had tons of easily searchable and accessible how to guides.

Once you have your hosting set up you will need to log into your domain and update the Name Servers (They points the domain to your hosting company – a more detailed explanation can be located here). If you have used Godaddy and HostGator directions can be located here. My name servers where updated and accessible within 15-20 minutes, but Godaddy does say it can take 24-48 hours.

Once you have the Name Servers pointed to your hosting company – in my case HostGator you need to integrate with WordPress.   My main reason for switching to HostGator was the easy integration with WordPress.  I spent hours last time I did it though Godaddy verses the 10 minutes with HostGator.

Once you have set up your account you will need to access your CPanel with the information provided in the introduction email from HostGator.

Once you have logged in you will see this screen: Control Panel

Chose the option for “Get Started with WordPress today.”

You will be taken to the following screen:

HostGator WordPress Installation Guide

Complete the required information, submit and the next screen will display the following information:


Your installation is ready. You can access it now by going here. If there is any login information, it will have been sent to the email address you provided.

Admin Area:
Username: Your User Name
Password: Your Password

Choosing a WordPress Theme:

Once you having installed WordPress chose a theme and you are ready to go. I’ll do a more in-depth article on themes at a later date, but personally I’ve chosen to upgrade slightly and use some of the paid themes. The little bit of extra money I spend is typically repaid exponentially when it comes to customer support and ease of use. My last two websites have been done with Themify. The have a lot of options and again their customer service has been great to work with.