How to Optimize Your Blog Posts to Increase Traffic

How to Optimize Your Blog Posts to Increase Traffic - 5 Simple Steps to Optimize existing blogs post to increase external organic traffic and internal traffic within your site

I noticed something while digging through my Google analytics a few days. One of my blog posts was getting significantly more traffic than any of my other posts – as in 50-100 extra views every day. Obviously not a lot of traffic, but as a newer blogger, those are some decent numbers for me.

I was a dork and just sat on this information for almost a month until I had one of those ah-ha moments and realized I needed to spend a bit of time optimizing the page.

The post ironically enough was one of my shorter posts that I wrote and didn’t think much of. It obviously answered a question since 95-99% of the traffic to that page was via Google organic traffic.

After reviewing the post I very quickly realized it wasn’t my best work and decided to make a few changes.

1. Add internal links

The first thing I did was add three internal links to other pages within my website that had applicable content. As with most bloggers, my goal is to always keep my readers on my site and provide valuable content.

Check out this post on 6 Guidelines for writing quality content.

2.  Add external links

It is very rare to be the only writer on a specific subject. I love finding articles from other authors that add to my content or provide a different view point that will further engage my readers. When possible I try to always include 2-3 additional resources that will provide added value to my content.

See below for a few articles I recommend on this subject.

3.  Check Keywords

Although I was getting great organic traffic from this particular page, it never hurts to check keywords.  Sometimes small tweaks to verbiage can get amazing results.

I use Long Tail Pro for my keyword research. I’ve written a review of Long Tail Pro here and highly recommend this product. It has literally saved me hundreds of hours of research.

4.  Visual Appeal

As I was reading through the post I realized I hadn’t spent a lot of time prettying up the page. I call this readability.

I want my post to be easy to navigate and for the paragraphs to flow easily from one topic to the next. The key is to use small paragraphs with bold and italicization to highlight important parts. I also use headings to separate different sections.

5.  Reformat the page to include additional ads

This is a move I’ve never done before and I’m very curious to see how it works. I’ve tried to be very minimalist on ads within my content so I only added a banner ad at the bottom of the page. I just did a standard Google ad for now, but am hoping to find a product specific ad that will tie in with the page.

You may also want to consider using an Ad Inserter product as well.  Check out this post on how Ad Inserters can impact your mobile monetization plan.

Simple SEO optimization changes can have a huge impact on traffic

Simple huh. It took me about 20 minutes to make these changes and most of the time was spent finding articles I had previously read that would add to my post. I made the changes yesterday and have already seen 4-5 additional views on each of the internal posts that I linked to on the page. It will take more time to see results from the keyword changes, but I feel confident in the changes on that end as well.

As promised here are a few additional resources that will help you optimize your blog posts: