How to Create a Twitter List

Today I finally did something I had been meaning to do for months. I created Twitter lists.

I’ve read a bunch of blog articles about how much it helped the various readers with the goals, but for one reason or another kept putting it off.

For the newbies out there twitter lists are a simple way of organizing your feed based on who you are following. If you are a business twitter person like me, most of your feed is tied to specific subjects. I tend to follow people who tweet about social media, blogging, business and personal finance.

With twitter lists I can segment my feed based on what the people I follow post. I just started this morning, but so far love the system.

It was literally the simplest thing I’ve done – and I set it up on my phone. It is even easier on a computer.

Here is a quick 2 minute video that explains the process.

In case you need more of a reason to create lists here are a couple of the articles I read that helped convince me.

Business 2 CommunityThe Top 10 Reasons You Need to Use Twitter Lists Now – The title is pretty self explanatory, but Rachel Thompson did a great job of breaking down some of the key reasons for using lists.  My personal favorite was number 3 which talks about list being a way of creating labels and folders within the Twitter system.  I hate how jumbled Twitter can be and love the fact that I can easily find good content to share based on my lists.

Reflect and Refine – Got Lists? Why You Need Twitter Lists – Quick written tutorial and basic description of how Cathy uses list to organize her twitter stream.

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