Grammarly, A Writing Tool For Bloggers

Grammarly the writing tool for bloggers - Correct Grammar is an essentail part of any blog.  Grammarly saves me 60-70% of time on proofreading my blog posts

Correct grammar is the bane of virtually every blogger.

Grammarly is my new favorite writing tool. I started using it specifically for blogging, but have quickly begun to use anytime I can.

I’ve always thought I was a pretty decent with grammar until I started blogging. When you write frequently you start noticing your lack of skills more and more.

I’ll write a post, read and read and reread it. I will literally review a post 10-15 times and still find grammatical errors.

Unless you are a grammar Nazi, you are going to make mistakes.

Grammarly, takes the guess work out of the editing process.

I write in Microsoft Word and then transfer my blog posts to WordPress. Keep in mind, I’ve typically reviewed them 5-10 times minimum before adding them to an internet based platform that has Grammarly installed.

For example, when I unloaded this post, I still had 14 errors.

I was particularly careful with this post too because of the subject matter. Grammarly still caught tons of my mistakes.

I’m currently using the free version of Grammarly that scans for 100 of the most common errors. The advanced version scans for 250 errors and can be used directly with Microsoft Office.

I can’t wait to see how many errors the advanced version finds on my posts.

Grammarly is currently installed on all of my web browsers, so it will automatically correct errors when I’m writing emails, completing forms and of course blogging.

I didn’t realize how much I was using it until I switched computers and went a few days without the program. I was kind of shocked at how much I had come to depend on the help Grammarly supplied.

Grammarly isn’t perfect, but as you can see below, it can be a bloggers most effective writing tool.

Below are some highlighted errors from this post:

Spelling and grammatical errors will still occur. I do catch errors that Grammarly didn’t catch on every post. It can’t always catch the conceptual phrases that are used so frequently in the blogging world. It won’t always catch the incorrect use of words.

For example, can you spot the error I made below:

Grammarly Edits

What it does catch is the missing comma’s, the wrong use of tenses, the incorrect use of words like choice, choose and chose.  The program is also good at catching issues with plural and singular problems. Grammarly’s ability to catch the incorrect use of then and than is awesome for me. I can never get those two words correct.

As you can see, Grammarly knows that I’m using then/than incorrectly.

Grammarly Edits

It is also great at catching minor errors like this one.

Grammarly Edits

Grammarly gives you helpful suggestions for corrections.  In this case, the helpful suggestion was incorrect, but it still caught the error.

Grammarly Edits

If you choose to correct with Grammarly, a nice little window opens up that gives you, even more, information on correcting your error.

Grammarly Edits

Grammarly is the best punctuation and writing tool I’ve used. It catches multiple errors on every post I write and saves me hours of editing time.

If you are a blogger or even just a heavy email or word user, I highly recommend at minimum trying out Grammarly’s free service.

I’ll let you know what I think of their advanced service in the next couple of weeks.