Digital Media Education – Blog Income Report – May 2017:

How I made money through blogging. Detailed income and expense report.Digital Media Education – Blog Income Report – May 2017:

For my new readers:

I recently decided to take my blogging seriously. I’ve done it as a part time hobby for the last 3 ½ years with my main blog, Daily Successful Living which is dedicated to personal finance.

In December 2016 I decided that it was time to make some changes and see if I could actually make money with my blogs.

My goal with this website has always been to share everything I’ve learned (both good and bad) while creating my website. I hope as I begin my journey to a profitable blog, my experiences (both negative and positive) will help other bloggers. 

I started to share a list of my internal goals and realized no one cares but me. I scrapped the goal list and decided to make my income reports a bit more non-traditional.

My blog income report will share what is and isn’t working.

I want to help other small time bloggers like me who are trying to make something fun happen in their lives.

Just as an FYI – I have three blogs (yes, I know, I’m crazy but like to write about a variety of topics)

  • Daily Successful Living – Daily Successful Living focuses on money saving tips, personal finance, parenting, and self-leadership. I began this blog as a hobby back in 2013 but began taking it seriously in December 2016.
    • Over the last few months I’ve completely redesigned the site, I’ve redone the colors and added a lot of little changes that I hope make it more user-friendly.
  • Digital Media Education – You are here – check out some of my content and let me know if it helps you out. This blog is intended to showcase everything I’m learning as I cycle through my blogging journey.
  • Camping Education – This is my passion blog. My schedule is a bit crazy, so I’m lucky to post 1-2 times per month. Eventually, it is going to be an amazing resource on hikes in Arizona and Southern Utah.

Blogging Income Report – May 2017

Received Income:

  • Consulting – $426
    • Content editing and website development for clients. If you are interested in my services please contact me.
  • Received Affiliate Income
    • None – On a positive note, though I’ve got 133.17 in unreceived income.
      • Most affiliate programs have minimum payout requirements.

Total Received Income – $426

Unreceived Income:

  • UnReceived Affiliate and Adword Programs – Most companies have minimum payout thresh holds. I won’t be officially counting this money until I receive it.
    • Amazon – $6.92
    • Avantlink – $40.66
      • This was all from REI and was a mix of gear I mentioned through various posts on my camping site.
    • ConvertKit – $8.70
      • Convertkit is my new email system for Daily Successful Living.  I love ConvertKit.  It is super easy to use and will make a huge difference in your email marketing.
    • Google Adsense – $8.05
      • I don’t get enough traffic to get a ton of adsense money, but every little bit helps.
    • – 9.72
      • is Bing/MSN’s adword network.  I’ve been experimenting with a mix of ads to see what works best for my readers.
    • Share-A-Sale – 5.42
    • Tailwind – $30
    • Themify – $23.70
      • My three blogs are all built on a Themify platform.  There platforms are super easy to use and very userfriendly for the non-technical blogger like me.

Total Unreceived Income – $133.17

I know this is still unrealized income, but I’m up almost $100 from last month.  It is so small, but I’m giddy with excitement to see the numbers slowly increasing.


  • Web Hosting – $71.40
  • Board Booster – $5
  • Adobe Lightroom – $10.77 – Read about how I use Adobe Lightroom for Blog Photo management.
  • Convertkit – $29/month – I’m technically splitting the cost for this service with some other projects, but I’m going to include the entire cost for accounting purposes.
  • Virtual Assistant – $50
    • This was an experiment for me. I’m way, way behind and decided to get some help.
  • Logo Creation – $90 – I desperately need logos for all of my blogs and finally decided to spend the money.

Total Monthly Expenses: $256.17

Net Income for May – $169.83

I still have a long way to go before this blog is self-sufficient.  At this point, I take on consulting projects to fund this blog. I’m anticipating the need for a few more consulting projects unfortunately.

My brother always says, “If you are putting money into a job than it is really just a hobby.”  This blog definitely falls into the hobby category.  Oh well, at least I have fun.  As I continue to grow and expand, I know that this number will increase.

Social Media Growth:

  • Facebook Pages
    • Daily Successful Living – 23% Increase to 132
    • Digital Media Education – 1% Increase to 75
  • Twitter
    • Daily Successful Living – 11% increase to 3,385
    • Digital Media Education – 7% increase to 3,620
    • Camping Education – 2% increase to 985 – Minimal Change – I haven’t been promoting this page at all and won’t be for another 1-2 months.
  • Pinterest (one shared profile) – 10% increase to 1054
  • Instagram
    • Daily Successful Living – 5% increase to 318
  • Email Subscribers
    • Daily Successful Living – 14% increase to 86

Blog Statistics:

Changes I’ve made to my social media platforms to increase page views:


Pinterest has been my major focus for April and May.  I’m still only about half way through optimizing my old posts for Pinterest.

The effort has really paid off and I had a post go semi-viral this month.  It wasn’t crazy viral like you hear about with some bloggers, but getting 253 hits in two days from a post written in 2014 is a win in my book.

If I can have a few more pins gain the same type of traction I’ll be a very happy blogger.

I attribute my Pinterest growth to the use of  Tailwind and Board Boaster.

I still need to write a review of Board booster, but if you are interested in using Tailwind check out his post.  How I Used Tailwind To Increase My Pinterest Traffic by 1068% in 5 Months.

I’ve also joined 7 Pinterest Group Boards and am seeing some positive results from some of them.

Not all group boards are created equal. Based on my limited usage of group boards, I recommend finding niche boards rather than spending too much time on the general boards.


My Twitter profiles are currently on auto-pilot with the help of Social Jukebox, which is how I share my evergreen content.  One of my goals for June is to revamp my Twitter profile and see if I can increase my traffic from this platform.

Facebook & Instagram:

Honestly, I haven’t done much to promote my Facebook and Instagram channels this month.

I’ll continue to post on these platforms occasionally, but won’t be focusing on them until I get a better handle on Pinterest and email subscribers.

Email Subscribers:

My other main goal is to increase my email subscription base.

With this goal in mind, I’ve opened an account last month with Convertkit, which allows for drip campaigns.

Check out my post on Why You Need an Email List Now if you are a blogger for additional details.

I’ve completed one printable and am working on additional printables that I can use as lead magnets.  By using these lead magnets I’ve increased my email list by 14% in a month.

This next month I’m working on a major project.  It is going to take a ton of time, but I think it has some real potential.  I’ll share more about it once I have the details in place.

Is my hard working paying off?

Yes!  However, I feel like I still have so much to do.  I still have 50-75 old posts that need to be rewritten.  It takes so much time to clean up old posts.

I’m not sure if my time is best spent cleaning up my old stuff or concentrating on new content.  I go back and forth and have finally decided to split my time and work on both projects.

I’ve seen some great traction with my older evergreen posts and feel like there is a lot of value in the older stuff I’ve written.

I really need to focus on building my email platform and I need to find a better way of managing my social media platforms.  So much to do, so little time.