10 Items Bloggers Should Review for Mobile Compatibility

10 items bloggers should review for mobile compatibility.  With increased use of mobile devices your traffic is dependent on a good mobile user experience.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve noticed an interesting trend in my google analytics.:

Here are my device stats for the last 30 days on this blog:

  • Desktop – 47%
  • Mobile – 43%
  • Tablet – 10%

My mobile traffic is up 7% and my tablet traffic is up 9% from the same period one year ago.  More and more of my traffic is coming from mobile devices.

Personally, I do more and more web browsing and reading from my phone and tablet than ever before.

There is nothing worse than following a link to an article that interests you to find the site isn’t mobile responsive.  I hate having to resize the font manually or turn my phone to try and read a post.

Bloggers often assume since their theme is mobile responsive, that everything on the site works.  I was guilty of this for years.  I literally never looked at my blog from my phone.

It is very important to frequently check your site from mobile devices (and even other web browsers).

We are revamping one of the sites that I consult with at work. The developer made a bunch of changes that we all like on our desktops. I was checking some emails on my phone and fortunately followed the link to the site again.

This is what I found:



It doesn’t look so great, does it?

This mistake could have been a huge issue.

At this point, we are meeting on Monday to revamp the front page and figure out how we will be correcting this error.

As a blogger, you can’t afford to miss traffic because of mobile and tablet web errors.

I’ve gotten in the habit of frequently checking my blog for the following on my cell phone.

10 items to review for mobile compatibility:

  1. Does the front page look professional?
    • Can you see the logo and instantly recognize the website?
  2. Is my font easily readable?
    • This includes the color and typography.
  3. Is my writing style geared towards mobile users.
    • Large blogs of texts turn off mobile users. All of my new posts focus on lists, shorter sentences, and paragraphs with a max of 3-4 sentences.
    • Mobile users are typically in a hurry and using a smaller screen. Adjust your writing style to match these users.
  4. Is my menu easy to find and access?
  5. Can people still search my site?
  6. Do my social sharing buttons work?
    • Are they too obtrusive? I hate not being able to find buttons when I want to share something, however, I hate it worse when that is all I can see.
  7. Do my graphics show up properly
    • I’ve got a post on my personal blog that has a picture that is sideways. I’ve tried everything to correct it. I finally gave up since it is only an issue on mobile, but it still annoys me and looks so unprofessional.
  8. If I’m displaying ads are they optimized for mobile?
  9. Are my pop-ups overly obtrusive?
    • I hate the ones that pop-up and are hard to turn off.
    • I know that pop-up increase optins for email, but too many bloggers do them poorly and end up turning away their readers.
  10. Does my website load quickly?
    • I can’t tell you how many times I’ve changed my mind about reading a blog post when the site doesn’t come up quickly.

The increased use of smartphones and tablets means more and more of your readers will be accessing your blog through these devices.

I still have some work to do on this blog for mobile usage.  I don’t like my front page and need to update some of my font colors.  Everything is always a work in process.

However, The success of my blog and yours will depend on how well you can adapt to the mobile world of blogging.